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. >> a stunning display of disagreement within the obama administration. the ambassador to afghanistan has come out against the deployment of a lot more than just troops. the conflict is complicating the president's decision on how many troops to send. >> the revelation came as president obama left on a trip to asia where he will continue to consider how many u.s. troops to send it to afghanistan. he is now getting conflicting advice from the general that retired and was picked by obama to be the u.s. ambassador to kabul, expressing his reservations about sending more forces. that is at odds with the current u.s. commander that once at least 40,000 more troops, general mcchrystal. it has been complicated about the disagreement. >> this is what makes the president's job very difficult. >> the u.s. ambassador fears that president karzai is to corrupt. a former deputy agrees. >> we do not want our young men and women dying to support a corrupt government. >> president karzai did not help his case, saying -- new developments that could affect president obama's decision on how many more u.s. troops
. >> president obama got to be endorsements today for his health care reform bill, too powerful players, the aarp and the american medical association have thrown their considerable weight behind the passage of the bill. aarp has 40 million senior members. >> at the u.s. capitol, republican lawmakers and 2000 protesters rallied against the health care bill. >> say no to a government takeover of health care. >> this bill is bad medicine. >> madam speaker, throw out this bill. >> it was a smaller version of this summer's tea party protest against taxes and big government. this time it focused on a bill most here see as a government takeover of health care. >> i am reasonably well educated human being, and i cannot figure out what it says. >> this woman drove two days from nebraska. >> i will be going on medicare in another year, and i wanted to be there. -- i want it to be there. >> house republicans say they are recently unveiled a bill delivers coverage americans can afford. democrats say it better protect the insurance companies. >> does it cover 96% of the american public? no. >> democrats got
from verizon. >> president obama will visit fort hood. >> there are reports that nidal hasan is off of a ventilator and able to speak. they will not say if investigators have been able to question him. he has the latest. >> there is a sense that the shock is beginning to wear off for many. >> we are entering a new phase here. this is where i am concerned. this has to do with this heeling phase. >> this includes tomorrow's memorial. family members of all of the people killed in the attack will be part of the memorial after a private meeting with president obama. victims from the hospital will be recognized as well. the commander says that it will be a traditional military memorial. >> we will have a short sermon and conclude with some music. then the traditional roll call of the names of the dead. >> the tribute is just the start to what will be a long and difficult recovery. >> the entire resources of the united states army are at the disposal of fort hood. >> there is this fear that this post, and their home, is no longer safe and secure. as the victims look for answers, so do the
in afghanistan. president obama confirmed he will announce next week how many more trips he will send to afghanistan. and also, announced his new strategy. and in a slam at the bush administration, the president promised to "finish the job." >> appearing with the prime minister of india, a cure it -- a key ally in the fight against islam as terrorists, president obama announced that what he will announce next week is a new strategy to win in afghanistan. >> it is my intention to finish the job. >> that is a shot at dick cheney, who is saying that obama is taking too long to decide. it is a slam at the whole bush team and what mr. obama says about eight years in afghanistan without the right strategy or resources. they're allowed a taliban comeback. -- they have allowed a taliban come back. after weeks of closed-door afghan planning sessions, the white house hints the president will send 30,000 to 35,000 more u.s. troops. that is fewer than what afghan commander stanek crystal requested -- stamina crystal requested, but -- what commander metmcchrystal requested. the new focus will be o
the holiday weekend. all the details are coming up in a few minutes. >> next tuesday night, president obama will address the country with a decision that will no doubt meet opposition. he will speak from the u.s. military academy at west point. he will place heavy emphasis on how to eventually withdraw from afghanistan. a spokesperson says the u.s. will not be there for another nine years. stay with 11 news for continuing coverage. >> the war in afghanistan has claimed yet another soldier from maryland. 34-year old matthew pucino was killed on monday when an explosive detonated in front of his patrol. >> > > matthew pucino -- -- matthew pucino . >> they are heavily engaged in combat. this is our second loss from that particular unit. >> the maryland national guard is mourning the loss of loss of matthew pucinstaff sgt matthew . >> he served on active duty and then he joined that maryland national guard. he deployed back in july of this year. >> staff sgt matthew pucino died. >> these soldiers are doing everything they can to fight the insurgency. they are going into areas that have not be
flying at half staff. president barack obama calls a modesty to those who died in yesterday's shooting at could army base. meanwhile, investigators are looking into the massacre. j. gray continues our coverage. >> you do not expect it here. you have the same sense that nothing will how will you are at home. >> late yesterday, that home was ripped apart. >> i saw blood. i saw a guy get shot in the chest and leg. a firestorm of bullets of rain down upon dozens of soldiers. at least 13 were killed. hooke>> we had gunshot wounds to the head, neck, chest, abdomen and in extremities'. some individuals were injured and several sites. >> army investigators say that most deadly attack ever on a military post was carried out by one of their own, major and nidal malik hasan nidal malik hasan. he was a regular customer of a convenience store and the clerk said nothing seemed out of the ordinary senior officers saw no indication of problems. >> he did not raise any red flags. >> others say there were signs. he apparently did away furniture and possessions. there are reports that he was frustrated a
. >> also today, president obama observed veterans day at arlington national cemetery, placing a wreath at the tomb of the unknowns. then it was on to discussing military strategy about afghanistan at the white house. the president is said to be considering four options of wrapping up -- ramping up additional forces, and a decision appears to be near. >> in an unscheduled veterans day visit, president obama spent time among the graves at arlington national cemetery, specifically in a section set aside for the fallen from iraq and afghanistan, where he is considering sending more u.s. troops, a wrenching decision. rex as long as i am commander- in-chief, america will do right by veterans. >> what is important is that he make a decision, and make it reasonably soon. you have young men and women out there carrying the battle who are at great risk. if we have the wrong strategy, change it. >> the commander-in-chief met with advisers. besides general stanley mcchrystal's called for more troops and vice president biden's plan to send fewer, there are military plans for up to 30 top dozen more
before we see job gains. >> more pressure on president obama, hooffs economic. and my team geithner, is getting hammered by the public. >> the public has lost all confidence in your ability to do the job. >> i will not rest until businesses are investing again and businesses are hiring again and people have work again. >> mr. obama is resisting calls for a second stimulus package and fighting off charges he is exaggerating job gains from the first. >> the president and congress took the necessary action to institute a recovery act that has helped spur economic growth. >> complicating the calculations, nearly one trillion dollars in health care reform. and afghanistan, the u.s. role will likely increase and cost hundreds of billions of dollars more. >> and a comprehensive new forecast out today shows our economy not growing. the recession is essentially stalled. from washington, i'm steve hamels with wbal tv 11 news. >> well, what can you say? another disappointing loss by the baltimore ravens, this time -- this time by two points to the indianapolis colts. it was another heartbreake
, was also injured and was treated at shock trauma. obama is not in south korea. two issues are on the agenda -- president obama is now in south korea. u.s. officials say south korea needs to do more to open domestic markets to u.s. automobiles. the president also made stops in tokyo, singapore, and china. >> it will soon cause to even more to fly during certain times of the year. up next, the airlines that are increasing an added fee if you fly. >> police in minnesota are looking for six people connected to a string of random ooh. (voice #1) you have low arches. i do? (voice #2) yes, you do. really? (voice #3) yes you do. and custom fit orthotic #410 is recommended for you. (announcer) footcare scientists are behind new dr.scholl's custom fit orthotic center. oh, and you overpronate a little. i concur. you overpronate. ok. (announcer) its revolutionary foot-mapping technology identifies the areas you put the most pressure on then recommends the specially designed custom fit orthotic that's best for your feet guaranteed. for locations, see drscholls.com >> officials in minnesota have arrested
on the implications for consumers. >> a great election night for republicans, but bad news for president obama. that story's coming up. >> are you flying during the holiday season? you can expect a surcharge on your airline ticket, and the amount is getting larger. details and "consumer alert." >> load our cigarettes are said to be better than regular ones, but they could hamper your ability to kick the habit. >> a new state-oft security equipment >> it looks like josh: will be the new mayor of annapolis. -- josh cohen. no one actually came in second in the primary. if the numbers hold true, c ohen will succeed as mayor. the political world is buzzing about yesterday's election results. voters in new jersey and virginia sided with republicans in the governors' races. some say it may cast doubt on in been in support of the president's agenda, but democrats say it was not a referendum on the president. >> exactly one year ago, barack obama and the democrats were riding high after winning the white house. today, it is the republicans who are celebrating, after seeking to governor seats was strong
are watching this election to see what it says about president obama and whether he is still in step with the independent voters that helped put him in office. >> in this off-year election, president obama was not on any ballot anywhere and the white house rejects the notion that the voters' main be sending a message to let the president -- to the president and his party. >> i do not see how the elections in virginia and new jersey portend political success in the future. i do not. >> i truly do believe that there is a political rebellion going on in our country. >> in the democratic stronghold of new jersey, john corzine was in a tight three-way race with chris christie and chris daggett. but this voter wanted to send a message to washington. >> i think there's an awful lot of frustration and new jersey over what is going on, particularly the incredible amount of spending. >> the was hoping to become the first republican governor in eight years by defeating democrat creecred e. the gop can acquit the race for the 23rd congressional seat, saying she has taken too much abuse from her
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affect everybody. >> president obama met with the families of the fallen in some of the wounded before stepping to the podium for the first time as commander-in-chief. >> 13 young men and women were unable to escape the horrors of war. their memories will be honored by the places they live and the people they touched. their life's work is our security and the freedom that we all too often take for granted. >> as this community searches for answers, so do investigators. [unintelligible] authorities are also asking questions about presentation the alleged gunman made to senior officers two years ago, discussing islam, suicide bombers, and the threats posed by muslim soldiers, conflicted about fighting in afghanistan. >> there is a question about whether any opportunity was lost to identify him as a potential problem. >> but the more immediate problem for some many here is how to deal with their overwhelming loss. it is a traditional and to a somber and respectful memorial. >> what a tribute today. >> yes. >> a former nba mvp says he is living with cancer. kareem abdul-jabbar is bringing
president barack obama is out of jail tonight. last friday, he pleaded guilty to a reduced charge of harassment. he was arrested last month and sped abound -- and spent about a month in jail. >> the fate of baltimore mayor sheila dixon lies in the hands of a jury right now. i-team reporter david collins joins us live with an update. >> the jurors had four questions before they were asked to be dismissed for the day. can they see the witness transcripts, question no. one. the judge said no. the second question, what is the legal definition of misappropriation? third question, does the intent to deprive involve a time period? that question will be taken up tomorrow. the judge dismissed the jury today, saying the best thing you can do now is to go away. her attorney said it has been a hard couple of weeks for her. coming up at 6:00, closing arguments prompted some very inappropriate behavior in the court room. we will shed light on that. >> thank you. defense secretary robert gates has announced an investigation into the fort hood shootings. he has appointed former heads of the army
from the obama administration is controversial. steve handelsman has the latest. >> near the scene of the crime, just blocks from where the twin towers stood, the confessed mastermind of the 9/11 attacks, khalid sheikh mohammed, and four accomplices will go on federal trial for the murder of 3000 people. >> nothing can bring back those loved ones that they deserve the opportunity to see those plotters held accountable. >> trying to close the prison at guantanamo, bringing notorious inmates to the u.s. >> i fully the wreck prosecutors to seek the death penalty against each of the conspirators. >> cuba. >> we are going to bring these animals back to the scene of the crime so they can put on a circus and a show. >> hamilton peterson lost his dad and stepmom on 9/11. >> he does not deserve the forum to continue to express his hate. >> some worry the trials will inspire a new attack. >> new york city is the no. 1 terrorist target in the world. >> in court, waterboarding is sure to be an issue. khalid sheikh mohammed was subject to its 183 times. >> will the jury be able to find someone
arrived. first lady michelle obama and her daughters came out to inspect the 18.5-foot tree. >> still ahead, they are said to be the must-haves. we will show you some of the most popular electronics of the year. >> retailers are looking ahead to another big shopping day. >> it was a chilly day for shirt today. the flag is flying out there. let's take a look at our current temperatures, 44 at the inner harbor -- 47 at the inner harbor, 44 at the airport. i have more for you as far as the weekend weather it's time for holiday bargain hunting. which requires a razor sharp eye and blazing speed. especially if you're shopping for a chevy. can we speed this up? not only do they come with the best deals of the year, they come with the best coverage in america. you snooze you lose. hey! i'll take it! let the chevy red tag event begin. now during the chevy red tag event, get 0 percent apr for 72 months on most '09 models. see red and save green. now at your local chevy dealer. >> here is a look at what we are working on for 6:00. we have received transcripts of the private bench conversations.
order a man who fell off the boat. president barack obama continues his trip to asia where he met china's president this morning. the president raised several human-rights concessions. he is recommending the shanghai make its own society freer by lifting laws. are you ready for some football? >> hopefully the ravens are too. the four-four ravens could really use a win at cleveland browns stadium if you want to stay playoff picture. kickoff is just after 730 pm. you can catch the game and wbal a.m. 1090. >> more on the developers that gave sheila dixon get cards. they testified at the trial and said the cards were intended for needy families and not the mayor herself. we're joined with an update. >> prosecutors detailed how some of the gift cards were used by sheila dixon. mayor dixon would only say that she had a good weekend as she entered the courthouse today. in the court room, it was said that she used 12 of 13 cards at best buy. dixons daughter used an old navy gift card shopping in new york city. a former agent found 5 gift cards in dixon's home. prosecution testimony indicates th
claimed. >> there are some good signs about the u.s. economy. but president obama is troubled by one bad spot. that story is coming up. >> right now, we are in between two weather systems. we will see how they play out in the seven-day forecast. there is nearly a full moon outside. temperatures have been cooling off a little bit. we are running mostly in the 50's right now. 50's right now. >> here is a look at what we're working on for 6:00 p.m. gunfire erupts at a party in howard county. one person is dead and another seriously injured. one week before sheila dixon goes on trial, the 19 top to legal experts -- ooh. (voice #1) you have low arches. i do? (voice #2) yes, you do. really? (voice #3) yes you do. and custom fit orthotic #410 is recommended for you. (announcer) footcare scientists are behind new dr.scholl's custom fit orthotic center. oh, and you overpronate a little. i concur. you overpronate. ok. (announcer) its revolutionary foot-mapping technology identifies the areas you put the most pressure on then recommends the specially designed custom fit orthotic that's best for you
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